Use the calculator below to determine how much rubber mulch you need for the area you have. We recommend a depth of 3" or more for playground surfaces to meet ASTM safety guidelines. If you need additional assistance contact your local playground equipment or garden center or give us a call at 866-KID-WISE. Our rubber mulch is free from 99.9% of all contaminants such as nylon threads and steel belting. Be sure to get that guarantee from anywhere you plan on buying quality rubber mulch. KidWise rubber mulch is available in six colors to coordinate with your surroundings or for just plain fun. Helping you create a "Fun, Safe, Play" area of your very own.



How much Rubber Mulch do you need?

  Depth in Inches :  
  Playground Area: (sq. ft.): 
(Area is equal to the length x width of your space)
    You will need:
cubic feet
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  *75 Cubic Feet on Average in a pallet (+,-) 2cf

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