Games and Combos

Game bouncers are Fun! KidWise Inflatables put the Game in Bounce. Inflatable Obstacles, Bounce House combos at low prices. Our quality Kidwise Sport bouncers are for all ages up to 12 years. We have great game bouncers as simple as a bounce house ball pit for the little ones, Obstacle Racers for those who like to run and jump and unique games like Jump’n Dodgeball® and the DoubleShot® Game and Bouncer. DoubleShot lets you play basketball on the outside and bounce and slide on the inside. Our patented Jump’n Dodgeball ® game has 2 bounce areas and a dodgeball partition to slow the game down for safe fun play. A wide variety of bouncing games and combos at an affordable price! Just look around there is at least one game bouncer for everyone! We also use "3P" Phthalate free fabric which protects kids from the three main phthalates banned by the CPSCIA and our products are lead free. Rest assured Kidwise Inflatables are safe fun play!