Residential Swing Sets

Play, Swing, and Climb all day long on our Residential Swing Sets! Children of all ages will love these swing sets! With numerous accessories and different add-ons for the swing sets your children will never get bored and their friends will be envious. Not only are these swing sets very fun, they are also very safe. Some swing sets are made of Non-Toxic borate treated lumber coated with a protective polymer which makes the swing set 100% splinter free, UV stabilized, and low maintenance. We also sell swing sets that are made of a lightweight polyresin, or special outdoor weather treated lumber. If you would like to make your playground even safer check out the fanny pads or playground rubber mulch! Buy Congo's Monkey #1 and watch your swing set grow as you buy the upgrades. We also sell swing sets buy Playtime and Lifetime if you already know what type or size of swing set you would like.