Wet and Dry Combos

Are you ready to have fun in the sun? Its time to splash and play all day in our wide array of Wet and Dry Combo inflatables!! Quality inflatables available all year round at a low and affordable price! A lead-free product: a note from Kidwise Recent concerns regarding inflatable bounce products with illegal lead concentrations have lead to allegations against producers and distributors of these products by the state of California. Naturally, this serious matter is of concern to us and to our customers. Kidwise products are not included in these allegations. Our materials are tested at intervals throughout the year and after production runs. We have always tested for lead content in materials to verify our products are safe for kids. We also use "3P" fabric which protects kids from the three main phthalates banned by the recent CPSCIA act. Rest assured - Kidwise products are tested and safe! All residential bouncers are for RESIDENTIAL USE ONLY! Commercial uses of residential bouncers will void warranty. Commercial uses include schools, churches, rental companies or other organizational/public uses.